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Natural Ways to Reverse White Hair: 10 Home Remedies That Actually Work

Curated and medically reviewed by Dr. Atharva Dandekar , On May 3, 2023

home remedies for white hair

Hair length, color, and style significantly influence how people perceive their appearance. One of the earliest and most obvious indications of human aging is greying hair. Canities, another name for hair greying, is a chronological aging process that affects everyone, regardless of gender or race. 

Given the significance of hair in daily social life, premature hair greying (PHG) or canities significantly negatively impact the affected person’s appearance and self-esteem. It is frequently regarded as a symptom of aging and declining health.

Every day, your hair will fall out and grow back. This is a natural process. Grey hair is a natural part of aging, but seeing it on your child’s head raises some concerns. Heredity, an unhealthy lifestyle, or a sign of an underlying medical issue might cause young age-related greying of the hair.Well, there are a few natural remedies for white hair that has turned prematurely. The reasons for premature hair depigmentation in children and potential treatments are examined in this article. To read more, scroll down.

Here are, Suggested white Hair Treatment at Home

Some treatments stimulate the pigmentation of hair. These treatments aid in restoring natural hair color and halting hair aging. The following are some treatments which considered a white hair solution at home:

1. Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds – are one of the natural remedies for white hair, mainly, and are known to darken hair. They can therefore be used on white hair. Two times per week, consume some black sesame seeds to help slow down or possibly stop hair aging.

2. Amla

Amla improves the pigmentation of the hair. Combine dried amla fruit with coconut oil to stop hair from greying and simmer until charred. To prevent premature hair aging, apply this amla oil and regularly consume amla juice. Using Amla – best home remedies for white hair to turn black

3. Curry Leaves

The use of curry leaves is beneficial in avoiding hair aging. To gain the advantages, apply a paste made from crushed curry leaves and yogurt to your hair twice a week.

4. Ashwagandha

It enhances blood flow and delays hair aging prematurely. Brahmi and Ashwagandha root powder can be combined to make a paste that can be applied as a mask. Rub this mask onto your scalp for further advantages before washing it off. Ashwagandha tea consumption also lessens hair aging.

5. Bhringraj

Premature greying of hair is both prevented and treated by it. Any oil can be used to soak Bhringraj leaves overnight, and the resulting oil can then be applied to hair.

6. Hibiscus Flower

Iron and vitamins C and A are found in hibiscus. When applied to the hair, the paste from this flower’s blossom helps manage grey hair by darkening the hair.

7. Coconut Oil

Grey hair is typically thick and coarse, requiring proper nourishment and care. Thanks to its nourishing properties, coconut oil can help prevent grey hair from losing protein and keep it moisturized.

For your hair and scalp, use pure coconut oil. After an hour, rinse it off with some gentle shampoo. Apply a conditioner after. This could be done 1-2 times each week.

8. Aloe Vera

Natural dyes and aloe vera juice are frequently combined to color hair without harming the cortex. Combined with henna, it could hasten to color or dye grey hair. It is an excellent treatment for hair pigmentation since it contains minerals like calcium, selenium, zinc, chromium, copper, and others. 

Sip some freshly made aloe vera juice. Combine it with natural colors like coffee or henna. Apply it on the scalp and hair of your child. Before rinsing it off with water, let it sit for an hour.

9. Black Coffee

Black coffee’s dying properties make it a popular choice for hair coloring. Therefore, it might also aid in eradicating grey hair in children.

Bring two to three cups of water to a boil. Combine four to five teaspoons of coffee powder in a cup with plain water. Combine the hot water and the coffee mixture. Allow it to cool. The mixture should be applied to your child’s hair. After 20 to 30 minutes, remove it with water and rinse it off.

10. Walnut powder

Black walnut hull or shell creates a natural hair coloring similar to henna or mehndi. Combine the powder with hot water, then let it sit for a while. However, black walnuts are not a particularly common crop. (English walnuts are what we often consume.) Almonds or walnuts are other foods you can eat to prevent greying hair. 


Due to the simple detection of grey hair, premature hair greying can hurt young people’s self-esteem, especially those with darker hair types. Therefore, effective and long-lasting management of grey hair is crucial. Many traditional home remedies, including oak galls, barley, and onion juice, are still used to treat grey hair.

You can also try Modanci’s Potensified Ayurvedic Solution For Premature Hair Greying. This package includes a Handcrafted Organic Jatamansi Kokum Shampoo Conditioner Bar, an Ayurvedic Hair Oil, and Hair Tablets. Answer a few questions and discover personalised solutions that help you reclaim your natural hair colour!


1. Can home remedies reverse white hair?

Black sesame seeds, in particular, are known to darken hair. They can therefore be used on white hair. Two times per week, consume some black sesame seeds to help slow down or possibly stop hair aging.

2. Which home remedies are best for reversing white hair?

There are natural home remedies for grey hair, and one of them involves using hibiscus as a source of nutrition. Rinse your hair with the water-soaked hibiscus leaves left out overnight. Mehndi or henna is preferable to dyes and colors that are permanent. Lime juice, coffee or tea powder, and warm water are all added. 

For an hour, the mix is applied to the hair. Rinse with normal water after that. Almond or black walnut powder Oils both delay further greying of hair and prevent it from happening. Bringamalakadi, Brahmi, Taila Makeraj, Cocoa Butter, Sesame seed oil or til

3. How long do home remedies take to reverse white hair?

Depending on the age, recovery could take two to three months or even a full year. As people age, their scalp cells stop producing melanin and lose their capacity for renewal and absorption.

4. Are there any side effects of using home remedies for white hair?

Tea, coffee, flowers, and herbs all make excellent natural dyes. These components are primarily used in herbal remedies; thus, they don’t have any negative side effects. Much more so considering how mild these substances are. To keep the color, you’ll need to use them virtually every day.

Herbs, including rosemary, sage, nettle, cloves, black walnut hulls, and cinnamon, darken hair, but in rare cases, they might cause allergies and rashes on the scalp. Rosemary should be removed from the list if a person has an adverse reaction to it.

5. Can lifestyle changes help reverse white hair?

A healthy diet and proper hair maintenance are also beneficial. However, the procedure might sometimes be irreversible. Regular usage of natural therapies could delay and even reverse the aging process for white hair.

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May 3, 2023
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