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Where We Customize Prakruti-Based Ancient Ayurveda For You!

Modanci celebrates your unique Birth-Month-Based Prakruti! We offer tailor-made solutions for hair, skin, & health problems that are innovative for your one-of-a-kind Prakruti. For best solutions, we must first address the root causes behind imbalances in your Prakruti caused by poor lifestyle choices. Following the age old Ayurvedic methods, we create products from Gudi Padwa to Diwali Padwa (March to November) to restore a balanced Prakruti.
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Where We Customize Prakruti-Based Ancient Ayurveda For You!

A Little More About Ayurveda
A Little More About Ayurveda
A Little More About Ayurveda

The core foundations of Ayurveda are rooted in its origin. Ayurveda is closely connected to human beings because both have emerged from the same source, which is the natural world, and that’s why it works best for our medical & health problems! You can find the first authentic mention of Ayurveda in ancient texts from our nation- called the Charaka & Sushruta Samhita. Organized Ayurvedic medical care blossomed from the 6th Century to the 7th Century, a time known as the ‘Samhita’ period. This time also gave birth to some of the biggest pioneers in Ayurveda.

Pioneer Of The Ayurvedic Revolution
The Pioneer Of Ayurvedic Revolution
Pioneer Of The Ayurvedic Revolution

Over the years, many individuals have greatly contributed to Ayurvedic history with the discovery of revolutionary new ways to heal. One such pioneer was Vaidyaraj Datar Shastri, who uncovered the Panchabhautik Chikitsa- five elements that denote good health in our bodies. The imbalance of these 5 elements is what causes diseases in our bodies. His findings are what awarded him with Brihattrayeeratna- the highest national title. Several other pioneers in Ayurveda received training from Vaidyaraj Datar Shastri.

The Pillar Of Modanci
Modanci Team
The Pillar Of Modanci

The pioneer of Modanci, Vaidya Suyog Dandekar was trained under Vaidyaraj Datar Shastri, where he learned the deep-rooted knowledge of Prakruti-based Ayurvedic practices. But it did not just end there! Modanci was initiated after more than 25 years of practicing Prakruti-based Ayurveda for internal healing at his Ayurvedic resort. His expertise has helped him master the lost art of Ayurveda!

A Blend of Ayurveda & Innovation
A Blend of Ayurveda & Innovation

As the wheels of time turned, more & more contemporary problems started emerging, which directly affected the way we live. This was identified by Sharvari & Dr. Atharva- children of Vaidya Suyog. The trio carried out exploratory research which resulted in Prakruti-based Ayurvedic products & methods. These solutions seamlessly weave into your current modern lifestyle and show the same potensified results. With a new generation who understood modern-day hurdles all too well- Modanci’s Customized products are innovated to suit the hectic life you lead today & regain Prakruti balance.

Modern + Ancient


As civilization advances, so do medicine and science. With this belief, Modanci innovates ancient Ayurveda, which is rooted in rational & logic, to provide customized solutions based on your Unique Prakruti. We accurately depict the root cause of your problems and select the best possible combination from our natural & innate product line to tackle them. The results are deep internal healing for a lifestyle that is both healthy & happy. Modanci acts as the key to achieving a balanced Prakruti & a positive change in your lifestyle!

Our Products Are Made With Love & Backed By Science

Naturally Sourced
Cruelty Free
FDA Approved
Made In India

We have Rigourous Standards Regarding

No Parabens
No Sulphates
No Silicones
No Artificial Colors

The Modanci Method For Potensified Products

Ayurveda aims to heal you from the inside, and not give chemical, temporary, & harmful fixes. This is why our potensified products are natural, clean, and non-toxic. Made from the best of nature, Modanci solutions have an evident effect directly on your health concerns.

The Modanci Method For Potensified Products

State of Art Manufacturing

Infusing modern & ancient, our innovative products are carefully crafted at our state-of-the-art unit, where safety & quality are our no.1 priority. Each of our products goes through a rigorous testing process where only the best of the best combinations make it into your product!

5+ Production Experts
3 Step
Quality Control
Sanitized Workspace

State of Art Manufacturing

How Does The World's First Prakruti-Based Ayurveda Work?

"शुक्रशोणितसंयोगे यो दोष उत्कटो भवेत् तेन प्रकृतिर्जायते ।"
-सुश्रुत शारीरस्थान अध्याय 4 गर्भव्याकरण शारीर - (श्लोक 63)
The dominant 'Dosha' during the fertilization season of Shukra (Sperm) and Shonit (Ovum) determines your Prakruti (Nature).

Hence, your Birthdate & Lifestyle plays a significant role in balancing your unique Prakruti!
Amladharmi Prakruti

Amladharmi Prakruti entails individuals conceived during the monsoon season, between June and September, who display heightened sensitivity and emotional traits.

Samadharmi Prakruti

Samadharmi Prakruti characterises calmness & hard work as these people are primarily conceived in the winter season, between October and January.

Kshardharmi Prakruti

The people of Kshardharmi Prakruti are mostly conceived between February and May. Due to the impact of the Summer Season, these people are disciplined and perfectionists.

Let The Proven Results Talk!

With 85+ years of experience in the Innovation of Ancient Ayurvedic Practices, we have been celebrating & lifting up umpteen Prakrutis at Modanci.

How Ravina Stopped HairFall in 2 Months!

Discover Ravina’s Hair Fall journey with Modanci’s Customized solutions for her Prakruti!

Rakesh’s 2-Month Transformation from Dandruff to no-Dandruff!

Discover Rakesh’s Hair Nourishment journey with Modanci’s Customized solutions for his Prakruti!

Rashmika’s 3-Month journey from Acne to Clear & Glowing Skin!

Discover Rashmika’s Skin journey with Modanci’s Customized solutions for her Prakruti!

Brains Behind Modanci & Our Experts!

The Masterminds behind Modanci! Our team comprises skilled doctors and professionals who have been working hard to bring Customized and Potensified Ayurvedic products to you!

Sharvari Dandekar
An entrepreneur at heart, Sharvari is the younger daughter of Vaidya Suyog. She has laid the foundations of Modanci skincare & is a leader in this department. She oversees everything from new product development to testing to overall department management. She is currently pursuing her studies in Naturopathy and is working on a BBA & a Cosmetics diploma.
Dr Atharva Dandekar
Dr. Atharva Dandekar
Taking the company to new levels, Dr. Atharva is the elder son of Vaidya Suyog. He is taking the company forward & leading initiatives at Modanci. He has pursued an MBBS degree and is on his path to making Modanci an international brand
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