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How Does The World's First Prakruti-Based Ayurveda Work?

"शुक्रशोणितसंयोगे यो दोष उत्कटो भवेत् तेन प्रकृतिर्जायते ।"
-सुश्रुत शारीरस्थान अध्याय 4 गर्भव्याकरण शारीर - (श्लोक 63)
The dominant 'Dosha' during the fertilization season of Shukra (Sperm) and Shonit (Ovum) determines your Prakruti (Nature).

Hence, your Birthdate & Lifestyle plays a significant role in balancing your unique Prakruti!
Amladharmi Prakruti

Amladharmi Prakruti entails individuals conceived during the monsoon season, between June and September, who display heightened sensitivity and emotional traits.

Samadharmi Prakruti

Samadharmi Prakruti characterises calmness & hard work as these people are primarily conceived in the winter season, between October and January.

Kshardharmi Prakruti

The people of Kshardharmi Prakruti are mostly conceived between February and May. Due to the impact of the Summer Season, these people are disciplined and perfectionists.

Modanci Solutions Are Made For You, By You!

Modanci draws inspiration from ancient Ayurveda, valuing your birth month Prakruti. It holds insights about your unique self, guiding tailored hair, skin, and health solutions.


Your birth month and lifestyle shape your individuality, and we use this knowledge to customise perfect Ayurvedic solutions exclusively for you. Discover your unique Prakruti with Modanci's tailored Ayurvedic solutions!


In Ayurveda, less is more, and even a small amount of our potent solutions is sufficient to address your hair, skin, and health concerns. We call it "Potensified Solutions" because their effectiveness exceeds expectations. Embrace the power of concentrated goodness and unlock the true potential of Ayurveda.


With over 85 years of Ayurvedic expertise, Modanci ensures that each of our products undergoes rigorous scientific testing and expert verification. As a dedicated provider of Ayurvedic solutions, we take pride in offering cruelty-free formulations, never tested on animals.

Let The Proven Results Talk!

With 85+ years of experience in the Innovation of Ancient Ayurvedic Practices, we have been celebrating & lifting up umpteen Prakrutis at Modanci.

How Ravina Stopped HairFall in 2 Months!

Discover Ravina’s Hair Fall journey with Modanci’s Customized solutions for her Prakruti!

Rakesh’s 2-Month Transformation from Dandruff to no-Dandruff!

Discover Rakesh’s Hair Nourishment journey with Modanci’s Customized solutions for his Prakruti!

Rashmika’s 3-Month journey from Acne to Clear & Glowing Skin!

Discover Rashmika’s Skin journey with Modanci’s Customized solutions for her Prakruti!


What Sets Us Apart?

No more generic solutions or lengthy questionnaires! At Modanci, we blend ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with your birth month's influence on your unique Prakruti. By integrating this knowledge with your contemporary lifestyle, we deliver personalised remedies.

3 Generation Legacy

3 Generations of Time-Tested Ayurvedic Experience
Reliable Experience

Expertise in Prakruti-Based Ayurvedic Solutions with Deep Insight
Favorable Time-Period

Crafted only from Diwali Padwa to Gudi Padwa for Authentic Results
Root-Cause Focused

Identifying Your Root Causes for Personalized & Customized Solutions
Visible & Swift Results

100% Pure & Potensified Products for Early & Noticeable Results
Carefully Sourced

Naturally Sourced & Safe Ingredients with Zero Side Effects
Innovation Infused

Innovation in Ayurveda that Adapts to your Modern Lifestyle
100% Authentic

Scientifically Tested & Certified Products For Impactful Results
Want to Know More About Your Prakruti?

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Modanci, An Initiative!

Modanci, An Initiative!

At Modanci, we believe in the power of Ayurveda to provide holistic solutions that go beyond surface-level treatments. With a deep understanding of Ayurvedic principles, we delve into the root causes of your concerns to deliver remarkable and visible results.
Our mission is to revive the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and adapt it to address the challenges of modern lifestyles. Guided by our visionary founder, Vaidya Suyog, we have created Modanci, a platform where your unique Prakruti is celebrated and honoured. We offer you the most suitable and reliable Ayurvedic solutions tailored to your individual needs.
Experience the harmonious synergy of ancient wisdom and modern science with Modanci. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the path to your optimal well-being.

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