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People Born in September – Personality, Body Type, Common Diseases & Home DIY Remedies

People Born in September

People Born in September - Personality, Body Type, Common Diseases & Home DIY Remedies

People born in September can be described as hard-working, balanced, and happy personalities who people around them love! 

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi; the beloved action-hero, Akshay Kumar; the queen of melody, Lata Mangeshker, the multi-talented singer-actor, Ayushmann Khurrana; and one of the most established actresses in Indian cinema, Kareena Kapoor Khan, are some of the famous Indian personalities born in September. Their personalities are anything but ordinary! 

September-borns are recognized for their samadharmi attributes. They are conceived nine months earlier, that is, in the month of December, during the winter season. Three months earlier, the mother and father’s bodies experienced the winter. As it is a healthy and balanced season, their prakriti is well-nourished. The panchamahabhutas are in equality during this period. The shukradhaatu and the streebij (sperm and ovum) are extremely balanced and healthy. In this article, we will look at the effect of these seasonal characteristics on the health, behavioural traits, and personality of September-borns.

Importance of Knowing Your Prakruti According to Your Birth Month

Did you know that your birth month can reveal insights about your unique body type in Ayurveda? For instance, if you were born in December or conceived in the summer, you might want to avoid acidic and warm foods. Similarly, if you were born in April during the rainy season, watch your water intake. Your upbringing and location can also affect your body type, along with unseasonal weather changes. Understanding your Prakruti can help you make better choices for your health and well-being.

Nature of People Born in September

These people are calm and happy. They do not get angry quickly and have a high patience level. They are prepared to make efforts. They are stubborn and opinionated in nature. They have a balanced personality. However, this trait makes them stubborn and opinionated. They want people and things to be a certain balanced way. They are extremely intelligent and live in a self-created virtual world. 

Men Born in September

The men born in September are slightly obese and lazy. They are systematic and live according to their decided way. They are not very ambitious. They are calm, straightforward, and happy individuals. They tend only to do what they want to and what they can. They have a tendency to develop fat lumps under their skin. They may experience diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure issues. They may frequently experience cold problems and allergic bronchitis. They may also experience fungal skin infections.

Women Born in September

The women born in September experience a regular menstrual cycle. However, a low level of water in the body can lead to less bleeding, blood clots, thick and sticky bleeding, and blackish or brownish bleeding. They experienced abdominal pain, waist pain, heaviness in the breasts, and lumps in the breasts before their menstrual cycle. As they have the mahabhutas of prithvi and aapa (earth and water) in their bodies, they experience weight gain. They tend to be slightly lazy and opinionated and may experience depression. 

They have the tendency to develop fibroids and tumours in the body. For example- breast tumours, uterine tumours, and fat lumps. They may experience diabetes, cholesterol, or triglycerides. It is necessary for them to exercise regularly. They also have a tendency to develop fungal skin infections. They must avoid opposite diets, such as mixing milk and fruits. As they have dry hair, they must take good care of them. If ignored, they may experience problems related to the same. 

The Temperament of People Born in September

People born in September are more balanced, calm and happy in nature. They do not get angry quickly. They tend to be opinionated and stubborn. They try to impose their opinions on others and like everyone to behave in a balanced manner. 

They don’t get sick quickly. However, they may experience issues related to the cold weather, such as colds, coughs, allergic asthma and bronchitis. Problems related to overnutrition, such as diabetes and rapid increase in fat, can be experienced early in life. Their overthinking traits can sometimes lead to epilepsy or brain stroke.

General Characteristics of People Born in September

  • Physique/Overall Health: They have a proper physique.
  • Weight: Is in proportion
  • -:Body Parts:-
  • Skin: Soft and cold to touch. Is slightly dry.
  • Hair: Tight, dry, and blackish
  • Skin Tone: They have a fair complexion
  • Nails: Smooth, thick, and white
  • Eyes: Moist and big

Here are some of the highlights of how the body of people born in September works

  • Hunger / Appetite: They have a good appetite. They cannot control their hunger.
  • Stool: Regular and healthy bowel movements
  • Urine: There are no urinary complaints.
  • Sweat: In moderate quantity
  • Menstrual Cycle: They experience a regular menstrual cycle. They have lower water levels in the body leading to blood clotting, less bleeding, sticky, and thick bleeding.
  • Sleep Cycle: They have a good sleep cycle. They may tend to oversleep or take afternoon naps sometimes.
  • Favourite Foods: Sweet-spicy, hot-cold, liquidy-dry, and sour-salty. They prefer all types and tastes of food items.
  • Unique Personality Traits: They like to live according to the change in the surrounding climate. They tend to get lost in their own world of thoughts and overthink them.

Trends & Facts About People Born in September


As they are opinionated, they do not readily agree with what other peoples say. Being in their own world, they tend to talk in a way that imposes their opinions on others. 



These children can be considered good citizens with the proper upbringing. They have qualities associated with various fields. These children are on the heavier scale. It is essential to be mindful that they do not become lazy or careless.


As they are incredibly hard-working, these people can become excellent professionals. They are skilled in keeping in touch with people and winning their hearts. They should choose a profession like a doctor, working for a social organization, etc. These people are committed to their work and do not have the tendency to make frequent changes. 

Social Relations

People born in September have good social relations. They have a helpful nature. They make a lot of effort towards other people.

Spiritual Inclination

They have a good spiritual inclination. However, instead of being always assertive with their opinions and beliefs, they should develop an attitude where they do not see themselves as the higher power and believe that another higher power exists which guides them. This will help them to grow and maintain their spiritual inclination.

Diet (Food for Your Body Type)

  • Grains: Wheat, sorghum, rice (old rice), millet
  • Pulses: Green gram, black-eyed peas, black gram, horse gram
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: Safflower, fenugreek, spinach, white goosefoot, amaranthus.
  • Marrow Vegetables: Cabbage, cauliflower, okra, baby eggplant
  • Meat: Chicken, mutton, fish
  • Fruits: Apple, grapes, raisins, pomegranate, coconut
  • Water: Preferably make a habit to drink hot water. Or else, add dry ginger to boiling water and make a habit to drink the same.
  • Habits: They should protect themselves from the cold wind. They should use a rug or a mat before sitting on the floor. They must wear slippers while walking on the floor. They should stand in the morning sunlight and absorb the sun rays in their body. People on the heavier scale must use triphala or nagarmotha churna to massage the body and later take a hot water bath. Thinner people should use almond oil and ashwagandha oil to massage the body and then take a bath.

People born in September naturally have excessive cough in their bodies, hence, it is advisable for them to follow a diet that helps them in reducing the cough.

Do’s and Don’ts for People Born in September

  • Diet: They should avoid consuming excessively oily, and buttery food items. They should not mix and consume curd, milk, and fruits. They should avoid extra creamy items. They should not excessively consume refrigerated water.
  • Exercise: People born in this month should make a habit of exercising regularly. Those who have sedentary work should practise more intensive walking exercises. Those having joint problems should avoid exercising in the cold. Massage the body with oil and then exercise or practise surya namaskars. Avoid drinking water immediately after exercising.
  • Habits: They should not step out without warm clothes in the winter. They should avoid sitting on cold floors and iron chairs or stools. They should take special care of their joints. Avoid sleeping during the day. Avoid cold water for drinking and bathing.
  • Night Routine: They should have sexual intercourse according to their body strength and with a happy and cheerful mind. Before and after intercourse drink a glass of milk with charoli almonds or saffron. Heart patients should have less sexual intercourse.

Saptadhatu Formation of People Born in September

Rasadhatu - (Rasa=Plasma)
The month of December in the Shishir (autumn) season develops a strong Rasadhatu.
Raktadhatu - (Rakta=Blood)
The cold atmosphere in the month of January of the Shishir (autumn) season develops a strong Raktadhatu. There is an urge to eat warm food items.
Mansadhatu - (Mansa=Muscle tissue)
The Mansadhatu of moderate strength is developed in the month of February of the Vasanta (spring) season. The amount of kapha in the atmosphere is more during this period. The occurrence of blemishes and hyperpigmentation is more.
Meddhatu - (Medh=Fatty tissue)
The month of March in the Vasanta (spring) season has moderate strength. A medium-strength Maddhatu is formed during this period. The kapha is dominant during this period.
Asthidhatu - (Asthi=Bones)
The Asthidhatu is formed during the month of April of the Greeshma (summer) season, which has lower strength. The formation of this dhatu is weak and of less strength. There can be an occurrence of joint problems.
Majjadhatu - (Majja=Bone Marrow)
The atmosphere during the month of June in the Varsha (monsoon) season is of weaker strength. The winds and storms are strong during this period. The formation of the Majjadhatu is of weaker strength.
Shukradhatu - (Shukra= reproductive elements male sperm and female egg)
In the Varsha (monsoon) season, the Shukradhatu is weaker.

Age-wise Precautions

Age 15 to 25 years

The pitta prakop is active during this stage. Hence, the tendency to be opinionated can develop during this stage. They tend to develop traits of becoming lazy, getting angry quickly, and holding on to things during this stage. They should focus more on their education and career-building during these years. They should exercise a lot and be mindful of their behaviour and diet. They should keep control of what they eat and how much they eat. 

Age 26 to 35 years

The pitta prakop is active during this stage as well. However, the individuals start becoming mature. The responsibilities start increasing. If they become workaholics and are not cautious of their diet and exercise, they may develop fibroids, fat lumps, and tumours on their bodies. They may start facing issues such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart attack, and thyroid. This stage can also cause hormonal changes. This stage may also lead to weight gain and fat gain. It is necessary to practise exercises and meditation. 

Age 36 to 60 years

There is a decrease in youthfulness and an increase in the maturity of adulthood. They are calm and happy individuals and are loved by everyone. They do not cause any trouble to anyone. The pitta dosha is accompanied by vaata dosha during this stage. The immunity starts decreasing. Issues like allergic asthma, colds, and cough start occurring. They must regularly practise sharir shuddhi (body cleansing) during this stage. Sharir shuddi must be done at least once a year for seven days. 

Age 61+ years

If they do not look after their health, excessive weight gain can lead to problems like spondylitis, knee pain, and joint pain. If their minds are not calm, they may experience issues related to the nervous system. 

September-born personalities definitely have some out-of-the-box personality traits! This article talks about the relationship between the impact of the environmental conditions of the conceiving period and the nature, health, and behavioural characteristics of the people born in September. We will continue with the upcoming months and some interesting Ayurvedic facts and recommendations in our next articles. Stay tuned!


September-borns love taking daytime naps! They enjoy all types of food items. They tend to build a virtual world of their own and are engrossed in it.
People born in September prefer to adjust their behaviour or lifestyle according to the changing seasons and the climate around them.
A September-born person is a calm and happy person. They do not get angry quickly and have high patience and tolerance. These people have balanced personalities.
Even though people born in September do not get sick quickly, they may experience issues like cold, cough, allergic asthma and bronchitis. They may also experience problems related to overnutrition, such as diabetes, cholesterol, and obesity. They also have the tendency to develop fat lumps, fibroids, and tumours in their bodies.
People born in September are happy and calm but opinionated and stubborn in nature. They do not get angry very quickly and have a high patience level. They have a systematic nature and prefer things to be done according to their system. They are also very caring and helpful in nature.

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