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People Born in October – Personality, Body Type, Common Diseases & Home DIY Remedies 

People Born in October

People Born in October - Personality, Body Type, Common Diseases & Home DIY Remedies

People born in October can be described as highly outspoken, ambitious, and truthful individuals! Their outspoken way of communicating portrays them as slightly aggressive. 

The 11th President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi, the angry young man Amitabh Bachchan, famous Indian director S. S. Rajamouli, the gorgeous royal and Indian actress Aditi Rao Hydari, and one of the most successful actresses in the 60s, Asha Parekh, are a few of the Indian personalities born in October. The names in themselves are enough to state how glorious these personalities are! 

The month of October marks the inclination of the behavioural characteristics from Samadharmi towards Ksharadharmi. The people born in October are conceived nine months before, that is, in the month of January, in the Vasanta (spring) season. The cold starts decreasing, and the temperature begins to rise. However, the cold is slightly persistent. The days are warmer, and the nights are colder during this period. In this article, we will look at how these environmental changes affect the health, behaviour, and personalities of the people born in October

Importance of Knowing Your Prakruti According to Your Birth Month

Did you know that your birth month can reveal insights about your unique body type in Ayurveda? For instance, if you were born in December or conceived in the summer, you might want to avoid acidic and warm foods. Similarly, if you were born in April during the rainy season, watch your water intake. Your upbringing and location can also affect your body type, along with unseasonal weather changes. Understanding your Prakruti can help you make better choices for your health and well-being.

Nature of People Born in October

These people are outspoken and aggressive. They cannot tolerate someone lying to them. They trouble themselves by overthinking. They are hard-working and ambitious individuals. These people have the tendency to overwork. They are disciplined and hygienic. They have independent thinking and an independent personality.  

Men Born in October

The men born in October are disciplined, aggressive, outspoken, and ambitious. They are very hard-working and like to follow a particular timetable. They are slightly strict with their colleagues or workers working under them. They get angry quickly, tend to fight and get into arguments. These behavioural traits contribute to experiencing problems such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, heavy hair fall, pimples, and constipation.

Women Born in October

Women born in October tend to experience an early menstruation cycle. They experience heavy bleeding. Abdominal cramps, abdominal pain, and waist pain are experienced. Excessive bleeding may cause lower haemoglobin levels and weakness. They experience mood swings and temperamental issues or irritation before their menstrual cycle. 

They are incredibly disciplined, outspoken, and aggressive. They are very particular about keeping their homes clean, systematic, and organised. They have more heat in the body, which may cause frequent urinary tract infections and heavy bleeding during menstruation. They experience heavy bleeding irrespective of any fibroids or lumps. They may get recommended to remove the uterine sac. They may also experience breast lumps. They experience heat-related problems such as the burning of the feet, hands, and eyes. They experience early hair fall, premature greying of hair, and dark circles.

The Temperament of People Born in October

The people born in October are fidgety, truthful, aggressive, and hard-working individuals. They tend to be workaholics and like to follow a specific system and timetable. They are outspoken and straightforward in communicating. They tend to overlook the opinions and perspectives of other people and stick to their beliefs and opinions. 

As the conceiving period is in the Vasanta (spring) season, kapha dosha is predominant in their bodies. Prithvi, aapa, and teja are the three mahabutas present in them. They are devoted to their work and tend to suppress and ignore their hunger. This can result in problems like pitta, ulcers, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Their psychological trait of overthinking can lead to the early development of issues related to blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. 

General Characteristics of People Born in October

  • Physique/Overall Health: Medium
  • Weight: Slim/Less
  • -:Body Parts:-
  • Skin: Rarely warm to touch, plump, fair and fresh
  • Hair: Is mostly black but can turn white
  • Nails: Yellowish
  • Eyes: Auburn/reddish-brown and aggressive-looking

Here are some highlights of how the body of people born in October works

  • Hunger / Appetite: They cannot tolerate hunger. They tend to ignore or suppress their hunger.
  • Stool: They tend to experience constipation.
  • Urine: There is a possibility to experience urinary irritation.
  • Sweat: They experience more sweating.
  • Menstrual Cycle: They tend to experience heavy bleeding during their menstrual cycle.
  • Sleep Cycle: They have a good sleep cycle. They tend to experience conscious and interrupted sleep.
  • Favourite Foods: They like sweet, sour, milk, ghee (butter), buttermilk, all types of kheer (puddings), basundi, amrakhanda, sweets, idlis, and sambar. They love thinner curries.
  • Unique Personality Traits: They like cleanliness and are disciplined. They like an open and airy atmosphere. They enjoy the cool breeze from the fan. They prefer cold water for drinking and bathing. These people are workaholics.

Trends & Facts About People Born in October


October-borns have a straightforward way of speaking. They have the habit of speaking aggressively. They are very outspoken.


As these children are naturally disciplined and cleanliness lovers, it is essential to give them the proper upbringing at the right time. Properly explaining them is beneficial. They are slightly fidgety and fickle-minded. They are intelligent and have an excellent grasping capacity. It is essential to give them social exposure and experiences. Everything should not be spoon-fed as it can make them highly dependable.


As these people are disciplined and have the readiness to work, they have an outspoken and straightforward way of speaking. October-born people should try their hands at professions related to the police force and management. They can do well in finance as well. They love interacting with people but are unwilling to listen to them. If they enter the marketing profession, they should be mindful of their words. 

Social Relations

These people do not fear the consequences of their outspokenness on the other person. Hence, they have limited social relations.

Spiritual Inclination

October-born people have a good spiritual inclination. They are highly devotional. They have a lot of faith and respect towards their teacher and gurus.

Diet (Food for Your Body Type)

  • Grains: Wheat and rice
  • Pulses: Green gram
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: Safflower, spinach, amaranth, white goosefoot, roselle
  • Marrow Vegetables: Cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, baby eggplant, onion
  • Meat: Chicken, mutton, prawns (less spicy)
  • Water: They should consume cold drinking water in the normal weather. They should use warm water for bathing. They should drink coriander-infused water by mixing one-litre water with five spoons of coriander powder to avoid urinary irritation/burning.
  • Habits: These people like to be in cold weather. However, it is necessary to ensure that the cold wind or weather does not affect the body. They should wake up early in the morning. They should use triphala, turmeric etc ubtans after bathing. They should massage their hair every night with warm amla (Indian gooseberry) oil. They should put nasya oil in their nose.

October-born individuals should consume a sweet, juicy, and high-fat/fibre diet. They should consume green salads. 

Do’s and Don’ts for People Born in October

  • Diet: They should avoid consuming dry items, extremely cold items, moth beans, peas, potatoes, extremely hot items, spicy, salty, fried items, and mustard seeds in their diet. They should avoid bakery products. They should consume dry fruits in the morning. They should consume ten black raisins every two hours. They should consume sweet food items for breakfast. They should drink turmeric milk at night. They should avoid fasting and suppressing their hunger.
  • Exercise: They should not exercise more than their physical strength and capacity. They should regularly practise yoga, meditation, and surya namaskars.
  • Habits: They should avoid going in the extreme cold or harsh sun. They should avoid instantly drinking cold water after being in the sun. while stepping out for work in the sun, they should properly protect their body from the heat. They should not sleep during the day. Consuming extremely cold drinking water can be dangerous for their health. They should not use cold water for bathing.
  • Night Routine: October-borns should consume one glass of milk with one spoon of ghee before sexual intercourse.

Saptadhatu Formation of People Born in October

Rasadhatu - (Rasa=Plasma)
The month of January in the Shishir (autumn) season has a cooler atmosphere and good strength. The rasadhatu forms during this period and has cold properties.
Raktadhatu - (Rakta=Blood)
The month of February in the Vasanta (spring) season is the period of medium strength. The warmth and heat in the atmosphere increase. The dryness increases as well. Hence, the raktadhatu formed has heat/warm properties. Blood disorders - leprosy and psoriasis may occur.
Mansadhatu - (Mansa=Muscle tissue)
The month of March in the Vasanta (spring) season is dry and hot. The mansadhatu is formed of medium strength. Skin/fat lumps may form.
Meddhatu - (Medh=Fatty tissue)
The heat in the month of April of the Greeshma (summer) season causes lower water levels. As the winds are warm and dry, the meddhatu formed is weak, dry, and warm. Obesity may increase.
Asthidhatu - (Asthi=Bones)
The month of May is in the Greeshma (summer) season. The atmosphere during this period is warm and dry, so the asthidhatu formed is dry and of lesser strength. The joints make a cracking sound.
Majjadhatu - (Majja=Bone Marrow)
Due to the rains in the Varsha (monsoon) season in the month of June, the atmosphere has moisture and dew. There is moisture in the formation of the majjadhatu.
Shukradhatu - (Shukra= reproductive elements male sperm and female egg)
The month of July in the Varsha (monsoon) season has lesser strength and moisture and is cooler. The shukradhatu formed is thinner and of weak strength.

Age-wise Precautions

Age 15 to 25 years

According to Ayurveda, this is the pitta prakop stage. The children in this age group may have a know-it-all attitude. They tend to be outspoken and arrogant. They often get into arguments with their parents and teachers. Their friends tend to avoid them because of their aggressive nature. They develop a tendency to stay by themselves.

Age 26 to 35 years

This stage involves career, marriage, and having children. They should monitor the hormonal changes and pitta in this stage. They should avoid overthinking. October-born people in this age group tend to keep overthinking and get affected by the same for a long time.

Age 36 to 60 years

This is a mature age. They learn to let go of things and to know themselves. They understand what they should not be doing. They develop a tendency to identify and remember more about their body in this stage. They start taking measures to avoid any health problems they may encounter. They start understanding what is good and bad for their body. They become health conscious in this stage.

Age 61+ years

As these people are cautious, studious, and intelligent, they have taken good care of themselves. They should learn to take care of themselves as there is vaata prakop after the age of 60 years. 

Health Hazards

As these people are conceived in the month of February, there is dryness in their bodies from the winter as well as the summer. This contributes to the cracking sound of the joints, joint pain, and cervical and lumbar spondylitis. If they are aggressive, they may also experience thyroid, blood pressure, and diabetes problems. 

October-born personalities certainly have a certain aura and an impact on the crowd! This article talks about the relationship between the environmental conditions of the conceiving period and their effect on the nature, health, and behavioural characteristics of the people born in October. In the upcoming articles, we will continue with more months and some interesting Ayurvedic facts and recommendations. Stay tuned!


People born in October are highly ambitious, truthful, and hard-working individuals. They are very disciplined and like cleanliness and hygiene. They have a strong spiritual inclination and are devoted to their teachers and work. However, October-born people tend to be outspoken and aggressive. These traits result in limited social relations. They are workaholics and overthinkers.
People born in October are more disciplined, systematic, and hygiene-loving individuals. They like to follow a specific system and a timetable. They are intelligent but often do not think of the consequences of what they say to others. They tend to stick to their notions and beliefs rather than agree with someone else's opinions.
October-born people are workaholics and tend to suppress their hunger. This can lead to health issues like pitta, ulcers, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). They also tend to overthink, which can lead to problems like blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.
October-born people are disciplined, truthful, ambitious, and outspoken in nature. They cannot tolerate lies and can become aggressive. They love to interact with people but tend to disagree with what they have to say and ensure that they prove their point. They do not worry about the consequences of what they have said.

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