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People Born in November – Personality, Body Type, Common Diseases & Home DIY Remedies

People Born in November

People Born in November - Personality, Body Type, Common Diseases & Home DIY Remedies

People born in November are disciplined individuals obsessed with cleanliness! They might not be very expressive, but they are definitely aggressive!

The king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan; former captain of the Indian national cricket team, Virat Kohli; Indian physicist C. V. Raman; the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru; and the ace Indian tennis player, Sania Mirza are a few of the Indian personalities born in November. We can already relate to some of the traits in the personalities mentioned above!

The people born in November are conceived nine months before, that is, in the month of March. The cold starts decreasing, and the heat begins increasing. However, this season is known as the Vasanta (spring) season. The trees start blooming, and there is new growth. Kapha prakop is dominant during this period. The Ksharadharmi characteristics are more visible in the people born in the month of November and the consecutive months (December and January).

Importance of Knowing Your Prakruti According to Your Birth Month

Did you know that your birth month can reveal insights about your unique body type in Ayurveda? For instance, if you were born in December or conceived in the summer, you might want to avoid acidic and warm foods. Similarly, if you were born in April during the rainy season, watch your water intake. Your upbringing and location can also affect your body type, along with unseasonal weather changes. Understanding your Prakruti can help you make better choices for your health and well-being.

Nature of People Born in November

These people cannot tolerate hunger, thirst, heat, a confined atmosphere, indiscipline, injustice, and dishonesty. They have aggressive behaviour. These people are very disciplined and hygienic. They have their distinctive style of thinking. They are self-made individuals. They tend to overthink a lot. They are not very expressive.

Men Born in November

The men born in November are very disciplined, strict, and strongly opinionated. They are bound by rules and expect other people to follow the same. Their strictness makes them angry quickly. They like cleanliness, neatness, and tidiness. This overthinking nature leads to health problems like increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol triglycerides, thyroid, and diabetes. They may also experience issues related to body heat, such as ulcers, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), inflammation in the stomach, constipation, hair fall, and pimples.

There are highly outspoken and tend to speak the truth. They tend to react quickly before thinking about it. They do not like to chat a lot. They have a tendency to talk in a way that conveys distrust towards the other person. They need the assurance that the other person understands what they are conveying.

Women Born in November

The women born in November like to keep their houses extremely clean and tidy. They do not trust anybody else when it comes to cleaning. They tend to repeat these tasks by themselves for assurance. This overuse of the brain leads to early hormonal changes. They face issues in their menstrual cycles, such as early menstruation and heavy bleeding. They experience breast pain and mood swings during their menstrual cycle.

They calm down easily but also get angry quickly. They want things done according to their way. They have an authoritative nature. They also experience heat-related issues during sexual intercourse. They may also experience UTIs (urinary tract infections). They have a tendency to develop fibroids. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding can lead to the recommendation to remove the uterus. They have a lot of body heat. They experience premature hair fall and hyperpigmentation on their skin.

The Temperament of People Born in November

The body language of the people born in November is very aggressive. Their aggression can lead to broken relationships and loneliness. They can be treated as an outcast in their work environment because of this behaviour. They tend to be stubborn and opinionated in their beliefs. They are not open to listening to what others have to say. They do not accept that they are wrong. 

November-born people have heat in their bodies. This may result in heat-related issues like ulcers, GRD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), constipation, premature hair fall, and hyperpigmentation. They have an overthinking tendency which may cause problems related to blood pressure, cholesterol triglycerides, thyroid, and diabetes. 

General Characteristics of People Born in November

  • Physique/Overall Health: Medium/lean physique
  • Weight: Proportionate
  • -:Body Parts:- Proportionate
  • Skin: Warm, dry, and has dark spots or hyperpigmentation
  • Skin Tone: Dusky
  • Hair: Premature hair fall/tendency of greying
  • Nails: White-yellowish coloured, tendency to break
  • Eyes: Dark/auburn/reddish-brown. They have a tendency to turn red due to the heat. They also experience irritation.

Here are some of the highlights of how the body of people born in November works

  • Hunger / Appetite: They have a good appetite. They cannot control their hunger.
  • Stool: Tendency to experience constipation
  • Urine: Less in quantity. Tendency to experience irritation and urine infections.
  • Sweat: Heavy sweating
  • Menstrual Cycle: Dark in colour and clot-like texture
  • Sleep Cycle: They get less sleep due to a hyperactive brain.
  • Favourite Foods: They like cold drinks, juices, sweet-sour-flavoured items, milk, curd rice, and items having bananas. They like to drink cold water.
  • Unique Personality Traits: These people are workaholics and like to overthink during their past time. They sweat a lot as they have excessive body heat. They like open and airy places. They like taking cold-water baths.

Trends & Facts About People Born in November


November-born people have a clear, straightforward, and outspoken way of communicating. They speak only a few words over the phone. They keep checking and verifying for comprehension while they talk.


November-born children are disciplined and cleanliness lovers. Hence, their parents also should teach them habits aligned with these traits. These children are intelligent. Therefore, their education should not be neglected. They are volatile and fickle yet have a good grasping power. They are mature for their age. It is essential to give them good experiences and enough exposure by sending them to different workshops.


These people should try professions related to administration, management, or teaching. 

Social Relations

They have limited social relations because of their straightforward way of speaking.  

Spiritual Inclination

As they have aggressive behaviour, they have a low spiritual inclination.

Diet (Food for Your Body Type)

  • Grains: Sorghum (jowar), rice (old rice)
  • Pulses: Green gram, lentils, and peas
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: Amaranth
  • Marrow Vegetables: Cabbage, snake gourd, baby eggplant, beetroot, coriander, and cumin should be consumed more in the diet.
  • Meat: Fried chicken, dry fish, milk, ghee, etc should be included in the diet.
  • Habits: Drink one glass of milk with one spoon of liquorice every night before sleeping. If you are hungry for a long time, keep chewing coriander and granulated sugar. Keep a habit of exercising. Scrub nagarmotha, triphala choorna etc on the body. Apply a layer of chandan (sandalwood), agaru choorna after bathing. Massage your hair every day with warm oil. Use nasya oil in the nose.

November-born individuals should consume a carbohydrate-rich diet. These people like consuming sweet items. However, they should consume sweet items by themselves without mixing them with other items. 

Do’s and Don'ts for the People Born in November

  • Diet - As they have too much heat in their bodies, these people should avoid excessive consumption of hot-dry items, spicy items, and oily items. Avoid bakery items. They should consume four almonds, ten raisins, and dates every morning. They should have a heavy breakfast and try to consume natural fructose. They should consume buttermilk, green salads, and sprouted moong during lunch and dinner to avoid constipation. They should drink cow milk with turmeric at night.
  • Exercise - Avoid heavy weight lifting exercises. Practise meditation, stretching, and yoga.
  • Habits - Avoid drinking water immediately after meals. Do not drink cold water immediately after coming to the shade from the sun. In case of such a situation, take proper care. Avoid sleeping during the day. Avoid overthinking.
  • Night Routine - Avoid excessive sexual intercourse. Drink a glass of water with one spoon of honey before intercourse. Or else drink nagarmotha infused water. Drink one glass of milk after intercourse.

Saptadhatu Formation of People Born in November

Rasadhatu - (Rasa=Plasma)
The month of February in the Vasanta (spring) season forms a medium-strength rasadhatu because of the heat in the atmosphere. Kapha is present in the atmosphere. The rasadhatu forms during this period and has properties of kapha. They may experience skin diseases.
Raktadhatu - (Rakta=Blood)
The month of March in the Vasanta (spring) season is the period of medium strength and has properties of kapha. They may experience psoriasis.
Mansadhatu - (Mansa=Muscle tissue)
The month of March in the Greeshma (summer) season is of medium strength. The water level is lower, and the winds are hot. The mansadhatu formed during this period is dry and hot. They complain that they do not gain weight.
Meddhatu - (Medh=Fatty tissue)
The month of May in the Greeshma (summer) season has lower strength. The meddhatu formed is dry and hot. These people are skinny.
Asthidhatu: (Asthi=Bones)
There is a coolness in the air in the Varsha (monsoon) season in the month of June, and the water levels also increase. The asthidhatu formed is less hard and weaker.
Majjadhatu - (Majja=Bone Marrow)
The Varsha (monsoon) season in the month of June has less strength. The water levels increase. The winds are strong. There is moisture in the majjadhatu.
Shukradhatu - (Shukra= reproductive elements male sperm and female egg)
The month of August in the Sharad (autumn) season has lesser moisture in the air because of the harsh sun's rays. The shukradhatu formed is of medium strength.

Age-wise Precautions

Age 15 to 25 years

The pitta prakop is high during this stage. This leads to aggression and arguments with their parents, and strained relationships. They dislike their parents bothering them. They choose their education by themselves. They tend to be independent. They want to create something by themselves regarding their education or careers rather than depending on someone else. 

Age 26 to 35 years

Pitta prakop and hormonal changes are active during this stage. It is necessary to control aggressive behaviour during this stage. Having a calm and stable mind regarding career and business development is vital. It is essential to give mindful reactions and take thoughtful decisions. People in this age group may suffer from problems like pimples and hair fall. 

Age 36 to 60 years

The vaata dosha is dominant during this stage. As the conceiving period and the formation of the Rasadhatu and Raktadhatu is during the summer season, these people have less stable thoughts. As a result, they tend to have an intense and long-lasting impact on themselves about certain life-changing situations or decisions. People in this stage may experience issues such as osteoarthritis, weakness, and decreased immunity. 

Age 61+ years

At this stage, after retirement, they should realise that people will not act according to their commands. Their opinionated personality should realise that people may not always listen and act according to their opinions. 

Health Hazards

The vaata dosha starts increasing during this stage. As the conceiving period is in the summer season, there is dryness in the body. People in this age group may experience health issues such as osteoarthritis, spondylosis, and blood pressure. The bones begin making a cracking sound. The lubrication of the joints starts decreasing. The spinal discs and spine start deteriorating. They may experience numbness in their hands and feet. Spondylitis may cause discomfort and inflammation in the feet. 

November-born personalities are quite distinctive individuals! This article talks about the relationship between the environmental conditions of the conceiving period and their effect on the nature, health, and behavioural characteristics of the people born in November. In the upcoming articles, we will continue with more months and some interesting Ayurvedic facts and recommendations. Stay tuned!


People born in November are very disciplined and like neatness, cleanliness, and tidiness. They cannot tolerate injustice, dishonesty, and indiscipline. However, they have aggressive behaviour. They are very outspoken and opinionated. This aggressive behaviour can cause strained and broken relationships.
November-born people are clear, straightforward, and outspoken. As children, they are very intelligent and have a strong grasping power. They have limited social relations because of their aggressive behaviour and also have a lower spiritual inclination.
People born in November have high body heat. They tend to have issues related to body heat, such as ulcers, GRD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), constipation, premature hair fall, and hyperpigmentation. They also tend to overthink, which may cause problems related to blood pressure, cholesterol triglycerides, thyroid, and diabetes. They may also experience skin diseases and psoriasis.
People born in November are workaholics. They are very disciplined and strict when it comes to their work. These people can excel in careers related to administration, management, and teaching.
November-born people are highly disciplined and hygienic. They have their distinctive thinking style and believe in self-manifesting rather than depending on anyone else. They are not expressive. They cannot tolerate injustice, dishonesty, and indiscipline. They are outspoken and aggressive in nature.

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