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People Born in August – Personality, Body Type, Common Diseases & Home DIY Remedies

People Born in August

People Born in August - Personality, Body Type, Common Diseases & Home DIY Remedies

People born in August can be described as hard-working, patient, systematic, and slight overthinkers! They may not be very expressive in their emotions, but they definitely know how to work their way up! 

The witty and talented Kajol, evergreen Kishore Kumar, one of the most loved comedians and actors, Johnny Lever, the legendary Sridevi, and the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, are some of the famous Indian August-born personalities. The contribution of these personalities to their respective industries has been remarkable and unforgetful!

In the case of people born in August, their mother’s conceiving period is in the winter season. The winter season is highly balanced and healthy. The atmosphere is dry and cold. As the temperature is low and the intake of cold food items and drinks, the people born in August have problems related to cold. They do fall sick that easily. In this article, we will dive into understanding more about the effect of seasonal characteristics on the nature, behaviour, health, and personality of these individuals.

Importance of Knowing Your Prakruti According to Your Birth Month

Did you know that your birth month can reveal insights about your unique body type in Ayurveda? For instance, if you were born in December or conceived in the summer, you might want to avoid acidic and warm foods. Similarly, if you were born in April during the rainy season, watch your water intake. Your upbringing and location can also affect your body type, along with unseasonal weather changes. Understanding your Prakruti can help you make better choices for your health and well-being.

Nature of People Born in August

Calm, cheerful, hard-working, patient, and do not get angry quickly. They do not get irritated and have lesser feelings of love and affection. These individuals tend to be hard-working and patient. They often do not criticise anyone and have a balanced nature. Even though someone may cause them physical or mental distress, they find a way to sort things out very calmly. They do not react quickly and say what they have in their mind. They tend to keep things to themselves, which may make them feel suffocated. Some people may also be inclined towards laziness and may lack motivation.

Men born in August

The men born in August tend to work according to their own system. They are hard-working and willing to struggle for their family. However, there is a sense of dryness in their behaviour. As their bodies tend to be colder, they may face cold-related issues. As they prefer a solitary lifestyle, they may incline towards various addictions. It is essential to be mindful of the same.

Women born in August

The women born in August experience a regular menstrual cycle. They generally do not experience issues related to the same. However, in the case of solitary behaviour, they may experience psychosomatic disorders and hormonal changes. They have a tendency to experience PCOS. Their body tends to develop lumps and cysts. They may experience lumps in their breasts or even fat lumps on their body. 

The fat is more concentrated on the stomach, back and thighs. They tend to experience heaviness in these body parts during their menstruation period. They have a regular blood flow. They commonly experience diseases and issues related to a sedentary lifestyle, such as excessive weight gain, laziness, depression, skin diseases and diabetes. 

The Temperament of People Born in August

August-born personalities like to start a lazy day. Sometimes they lack the motivation to exercise or do any pending work. They tend to overthink and live in their own world. 

The atmosphere is dry and cold during the conceiving period. As the temperature is low, the people born in August have problems related to cold. They do not fall sick that easily. In the case of depression, the tendency to overthink can lead to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) issues. Less intake of water can cause problems like urine stones or less urination. If they have uncontrolled diabetes, it can lead to excessive pressure on the kidneys and result in kidney failure. 

General Characteristics of People Born in August

  • Physique/Overall Health: They have an excellent physique.
  • Weight: Is in proportion
  • -:Body Parts:-
  • Skin: Soft and cool
  • Hair: Tight and blackish
  • Nails: Smooth
  • Eyes: Moist

Here are some of the highlights of how the body of people born in August works

  • Hunger / Appetite: They have a good appetite.
  • Stool: Regular and healthy bowel movements
  • Urine: There are no urinary complaints.
  • Sweat: Is experienced more in case of excessive work or exercise.
  • Menstrual Cycle: They experience a regular menstrual cycle. They rarely have any complaints.
  • Sleep Cycle: They have a good sleep cycle.
  • Favourite Foods: Sweet, spicy, sour, salty, hot, cold, etc. they like all types of foods.
  • Unique Personality Traits: They like to live according to the change in season.

Trends & Facts About People Born in August


These people are not easily convinced by what others say, so they impose their own opinion on others and live in their own world. These are the people who follow a solitary lifestyle. 


August-born children with the proper upbringing turn out to be excellent citizens. Developing the tendency to work hard and study to achieve goals is necessary. They have self-motivation, but it is essential to maintain its continuity.


People born in August should undertake Public Relations related businesses because they have the art of winning people’s hearts. They are hard-working, have a balanced nature and have good planning skills. For example, excellent doctors, lawyers, architects, and great professionals.

Social Relations

Being calm, cheerful, and patient helps them win people’s hearts. Hence, their behaviour in the social sphere is pleasing. They have excellent team working skills while working with organisations or institutes. 

Spiritual Inclination

They have a strong spiritual inclination. They have faith in their gurus. They keep doing good work out of this faith.

Diet (Food for Your Body Type)

  • Grains: Wheat and old rice
  • Pulses: Green gram, cowpea, black gram
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: Drumsticks, fenugreek, spinach, white goosefoot, roselle, spring onion
  • Marrow Vegetables: Cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potato
  • Meat: Chicken, mutton
  • Water: Extremely cold water should not be used for drinking. They must use hot water for bathing. They must use abhyanga and ubtan.
  • Habits: They must make more effort and work hard. They should maintain a warm atmosphere in the house. Should wear warm cotton clothes. They should make a habit of waking up early. Use ubtan.

Do’s and Don’ts for People Born in August

  • Diet: They should avoid consuming excessively oily, cold, and sweet items. They should avoid consuming cream, sweets, rasgullas, cottage cheese, and curd frequently.
  • Exercise: Practise regular and proper meditation and Surya namaskars.
  • Habits: They should not step out without warm clothes in the winter. They should avoid sitting on cold floors and iron chairs or stools. They should take special care of their joints. Avoid sleeping during the day.
  • Night Routine: They should have sexual intercourse according to their body strength.

Saptadhatu Formation of People Born in August

Rasadhatu - (Rasa=Plasma)
The Hemanta (pre-winter) season of the month of November has the best strength for the formation of the Rasadhatu.
Raktadhatu - (Rakta=Blood)
The month of December in the Shishir (autumn) season has a healthy environment and atmosphere. The raktadhatu is formed in the best strength of this period.
Mansadhatu - (Mansa=Muscle tissue)
A colder mansadhatu of excellent strength forms during the Shishir (autumn) season. A phlegm disorder may rarely be experienced.
Meddhatu - (Medh=Fatty tissue)
The month of February in the Vasanta (spring) season has medium strength. This period marks the melting of the snow due to the heat and increase in the water levels. The meddhatu is formed during this period making it prone to cough/phlegm. This can lead to diabetes.
Asthidhatu - (Asthi=Bones)
In the month of March, in the Vasanta (spring) season, the period of medium strength, asthidhatu is formed during the period of kapha vilayana due to the summer. Joint problems can arise.
Majjadhatu - (Majja=Bone Marrow)
The month of April, in the Greeshma (summer) season, is the period of less strength. During this period, the coolness in the atmosphere is replaced by dryness. Hence, the majjadhatu formed is also dry.
Shukradhatu - (Shukra= reproductive elements male sperm and female egg)
The month of May in the Greeshma (summer) season, the period of less strength, has more dryness in the atmosphere. This is when the shukradhatu is formed. The low strength leads to a lesser formation tendency of the shukradhatu. The offspring is also of medium strength.

Age-wise Precautions

Age 15 to 25 years

The individuals in this age group have the ability to work hard. Investing a lot into maintaining friendships can lead to wasting a lot of time during this stage. They should focus on planning long-term goals such as completing their education, building a career, and getting married at the right time. They should be self-aware and should self-reflect during this stage. They should participate in various activities such as camps and take up social work.

Age 26 to 35 years

The individuals in this stage may develop a tendency to blame others if things do not work their way. They should develop their personality in such a way that utilises their positive characteristics. These people have many positive traits, which they need to identify. They should use these traits in their hobbies, sports, or even their profession. Every day they should invest some time in utilising these traits.

Age 36 to 60 years

This stage marks the period of maturity. They should consider investing, be it their finances or health, and consult about the same with someone knowledgeable. They should regularly perform panchakarmas during this stage to ensure healthy old age.

Age 61+ years

These people work hard their entire life and overcome the economic and social conditions they are born with. But at this stage, it is essential to give it all some rest. As they have a tendency to enforce their opinions on others, they might experience some disturbance in their relationships within the family. They should try to be a bit more flexible in their approach. They should develop any hobbies or skills during this stage of their life.

August-born personalities definitely stand out from the crowd! This article talks about the relationship between the impact of the environmental conditions of the conceiving period and the nature, health, and behavioural characteristics of the people born in August. We will continue with more months and some interesting Ayurvedic facts and recommendations in the upcoming articles. Stay tuned!


People born in August are balanced in nature. They have a systematic way of doing things. They are great at planning and organising. Hence, August-born personalities can be described as analytical.
People born in August are hard-working individuals. However, sometimes they may be lazy and lack motivation. They tend to do things in a specific way and system. They refrain from criticising anyone. They also keep things to themselves rather than express them openly. They live in their own world and tend to overthink.
People born in August like to start a lazy day. They may lack the motivation to wake up and get to exercise. They prefer to be in solitude. They also have a strong spiritual inclination and have faith in their guru.
August-borns behave in a systematic and one-track manner. They are calm and patient. They may disagree with what people say and tend to enforce their opinions on others. They are good at pleasing people and have good social relations.
August-born people have lesser feelings of love and affection. However, they are willing to work hard and struggle to take care of their family.

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