Dr. Suyog Dandekar

Degree/Specialization: BAMS
Current position in the organization: Managing Director of Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort and Knowledge Head at Modanci
Experience: 25 years
Research paper: Mata Rajo Dushti- The root cause of paediatric diseases
Dr Suyog Dandekar

About Dr. Suyog Dandekar

Dr. Suyog Dandekar holds a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree and is the Managing Director of Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort Pvt Ltd, which is located at the UNESCO world natural heritage site, Kas Plateau. Additionally, he serves as the chairman of Sai Mauli Institute of Ayurveda charitable trust, which provides free consultation and ayurvedic medicines to those in need. Dr. Suyog Dandekar was educated by the Late Vaidya Datarshashtri, who was a pioneer in the field of Panchabhautik Chikitsa and was awarded the Nation's highest award for Ayurveda, "Bruhatrayiratna." With over 25 years of experience, he has achieved excellence in determining a person's body constitution (Prakruti) according to their birth date. Currently, he serves as the Knowledge Head at Modanci in addition to his role as Managing Director at Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort.


Successful Vaidya Award in 2008

Kartavya Award in 2009

Janaseva Sadbhavana Award

Tathagat International Award for Prakruti Resort in 2010

Lokaguru Award by International Ayurveda Academy 2014

Udyog Bhushan Puraskar, Mumbai 2014

Jaypraksh Naraya Smruti puraskar from Ekta Academy 2015

What Interests Dr. Suyog Dandekar The Most in Ayurveda?

What Interests Dr. Suyog Dandekar The Most in Ayurveda?

The human body comprises seven dhatus, namely Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Meda, Asthi, Majja, and Shukra. These dhatus are responsible for nourishing, growing, and supporting the body and mind. They are interconnected and composed of the five basic elements, known as Pancha Mahabhutas. A well-balanced system of these Dhatus leads to the proper functioning of the entire body system.

Ayurveda is the science in which there is detailed information regarding the regimen to be followed daily that is Dinacharya as well as the Seasonal regimen called Rutucharya.

According to Ayurveda, there are eight methods to examine a patient. This includes testing, the following – Mala (stool), Mutra (urine), Nadi (Pulse), Jivha (tongue), Shabda (Sound/Voice), Sparsh (Touch), Drik (eye), Akriti (Built, gait).


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